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BTB Training Center is a private training facility with a focus on delivering the best atmosphere for training. No matter what level of fitness you are at, we are here to help.

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If you would like to try out our gym or become a member, fill out the form or call us. Memberships are limited in order to maintain a professional and clean atmosphere for the current members.

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    $ 65.00
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Call for Corporate Wellness: 1.855.424.7474

Our Services

Come in and see why people are calling Beneath The Bar the best place to train in the area. Start your fitness journey or finally break through those plateaus, today.

Personal Training

Trainers that Get You Results!

BTB was built to be a training center, where clients can connect with the best trainers. We know how to manipulate the body to get you from point A, to point B. This requires an deep understanding of human physiology. While other trainers overcompensate by forcing clients to overtrain and crash diet, we implement effective programs that work with your life and provide BETTER results.


Personal Plans or Guidance

If you want to look and perform your best, nutrition key. Without the correct nutrition to compliment your physical activity and lifestyle, you may never get the results you want. Beneath The Bar works with RAB Fitness to provide guided nutrition or full personalized meal plans. Take your body to the next level by getting your nutrition in check.

Fitness Coaching

1-on-1 Coaching
Coaching is where your trainer customizes a workout and nutrition plan that best suits your goals. Coaching is great for individuals who need training or nutrition guidance when the trainer isn't around. The coaching plan will be delivered to the client on a week-to-week basis, and results are measured along the way.

Contest Prep and Posing

Top Contest Prep in the Northwest
BTB is proud to present RAB Fitness as our in-house contest prep coaches. RAB is very well known in the area for providing the best contest prep for Bodybuilding, Physigue, and Bikini competitors. If you want results that do the speaking, RAB is absolutely the best choice.

Group Training

Great Training for a Better Price

If you are looking to start a guided training regimen that will get you results, group training is for you. Our group training is simple to get started. All you have to do is sign-up, come in during class hours, and train alongside individuals with similar goals.

Muscle Building and Powerlifting

From the Ground Up, Only the Best
Hypertrophy and Powerlifting programs offered by RAB Fitness include weekly check-ins and will require that you send video weekly of key lifts for assessment. RAB strongly emphasized proper form, injury prevention, and preparing the body for work via mobility drills, self-myofascial release and dynamic warm ups by providing instructional video, documents, and much more.


  • Phone:
    (855) 424-7474
  • Address::
    309 N Van Buren St, Kennewick

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