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Beneath The Bar

The best training gym in the Tri-Cities, Kennewick, Pasco, or Richland
Beneath The Bar Gym

BTB Training Center

The best gym in Kennewick and the Tri-Cities
Beneath the Bar is a private gym in Kennewick that features some of the best gym equipment, members with good etiquette, a great atmosphere, 24/7 access, and even the best stereo equipment you will ever find in a gym. The Tri-Cities just doesn't have anything better to offer than Beneath The Bar. Simply come take a look at our gym, and you will see why our members love it here.
best gym in the Tri-Cities

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We get members all the time from the other gyms, come see why...
Beneath The Bar is the best gym in the Tri-Cities, because we put everything we have into this place. This isn't the standard franchise or big chain gym that you are used to. We support all kinds of athletes, including competitive sports, bodybuilding, powerlifting, crossfit, strongman competitors, and everything in between. What's the difference? We take pride in our gym, and so do our members. We are a family at BTB, and as family, we respect eachoter, support eachother, and we have a lot of fun together.


  • Phone:
    (855) 424-7474
  • Address::
    309 N Van Buren St, Kennewick

Beneath The Bar